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Construction of a private property.

Despite the country and place that you chose to have your own house, it will be less costly to build according to your own project than to buy something already built, even more for having the possibility of developing a project with all its demands and adapted to the most extravagant taste.

Our company accompanied by professional engineering and construction can help you to fulfill your dream of getting your home in Tenerife. 

A tour of the south coast of the island can surprise you with different styles of buildings: some people choose the classic style for their dream home, others most like the soft and cozy Mediterranean style, fans of architecture to incorporate East design domes and arches, and modern style lovers prefer a mixture of crystals and white cement. But it is not easy to choose a house to your taste of those already built, also considering constraints of urban planning rules that dictate the built surface for a home.

No less important is to determine a suitable location for your future home and choose a plot. Yes to choose a place that suits will not be so difficult, then to choose a plot you would need to see a specialist. Unfortunately the market for land for the construction of private house is very small here in Tenerife. The actual most interesting areas that we can name are:  Roque del Conde, El Madroñal of Adeje, Playa Paraiso, Callao Salvaje, and of course the Golf Costa Adeje - the most significant area known for its luxury villas.

After determining the future and place of residence or vacation you begin to prepare the house project and design of the exterior landscape. Even the most difficult and intricate Ideas to perform will be made and adapted to current legislation by our architects. We also advise you to take advantage of the services of our designer.

The project design is presented in 3D format.

You can put together your ideas and connect remotely with our specialists. Today the Internet gives us this possibility. Our company will assume all administrative and everyday affairs of building.

The real possibility of obtaining a bank loan may be of assistance in making the decision of building your own home.

Based on examples of houses built and we are ready to convince you about the benefits and give some specifics about building in Tenerife.



Some frequently asked questions on the subject are here answered by the foreman of the construction company "Nero Europe SL" Mr. German Nikolov:


What can be said about the conveniences of building homes in the Canary Islands, on the quality of work, some difficulties in such a building?

- As a professional with 35 years of experience, 18 of which dedicated to the construction of private homes in the Canary Islands, I can assure you it is always cheaper to build a house than to buy one already built. Economic feasibility of this type of purchase is evident in current times of economic crisis, when prices of land and construction materials have dropped considerably. Today the build of your own house will be between a 20-40% cheaper than buying a similar one already built. The time it will take to task, from project approval to grant the license of first occupation, would be a year and a half.

Regarding the quality of the work I can comment that is well controlled by the authorities and the relevant legislation. There are two parallel forms of quality control. A - by the municipality represented by an architect if appointing a surveyor. On the other hand B- by an authorized company that verifies the design and quality of materials used.

The certification of these companies is the basis for issuing the license to work and decennial insurance. This means that the quality of housing built is not only responsible construction company but the public authorities.

Steps to follow for building:

  • - Choose a plot (the price is approximately € 200-400 / sqm2)
  • - Choose a project (already made or developed by your proposals)
  • - Building work (including materials prices would be approx. € 900-1200 /sqm2)

We are qualified for the construction of various degrees of difficulty; from simple houses to large luxury villas with private pool and gardens.

We can assure you that the construction of your home in Tenerife will not be a burden, but rather gives you the satisfaction to realize you architectural fantasies. And more satisfaction from the process of choosing a location for your home, choose materials, furniture, equipment etc. 


Therefore it is advisable to start building your own house in Tenerife while prices have not risen. And the professional company "Q-rort Property Center Canarias SL" will lend a hand.

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