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Tips on choosing your ideal Tenerife Villa

Whether you’re looking for a holiday home, or a permanent residence, you simply can’t beat the luxury and comfort of a spacious, well equipped villa. For this reason, it’s hardly surprising that, on Tenerife, villas are very highly sought after by those discerning property investors who are keen on owning some of the most prestigious property on the island. Please take a look at our Tenerife villas for sale to see a selection of prime examples.

Tenerife villas come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles, which mean that unless you are already clear about what you are looking for, you could easily find yourself overwhelmed by the choice and variety available. The following tips will help you organize your thoughts and make your search much easier and more fruitful.

  • You will probably already have at least some idea of how you will be using your Tenerife villa. Always keep this in mind as you consider your purchase. It stands to reason that a villa that is excellent as a holiday home or rental accommodation may not be so ideal or practical if you intend to live permanently or semi-permanently on Tenerife.
  • Choosing the location of your villa is surely the most important decision of all. Are you looking for a villa on the coast, with easy access to beaches, shops and other amenities? Or is the tranquillity of the countryside what you are really after? (It is actually possible to find property that offers a good combination of both!) If you intend to rent out your villa, be sure to seek advice from reputable holiday rentals experts to see which areas of Tenerife are most highly demanded.


  • Think of the characteristics that you would like your villa to have - number of bedrooms, pool, garden, play area for children and so on. Divide your list into what is essential, and what is not, so that you can easily identify eligible properties from among the rest. 
  • As you evaluate specific villas for sale, you should also consider the possibility of adding any missing features that you desire after you have purchased the property. By being open to this, you could easily end up turning a bargain purchase into your dream Tenerife villa!


  • Think about whether you have any preference for a particular type or style of villa. It is a good idea not to be too rigid on this point – at least at first. After all it is not the first time that people looking for a modern property fall in love with the style of the typical Tenerife villas, with their black lava stones showing through the whitewash. 
  • One final, but very important, thing to consider is what the costs of owning and maintaining your property will be. This is particularly essential if you plan on renting out your villa, in which case you will have to carefully weigh running costs against a reliable estimate of the rental income you can expect, to see if your business is viable or not.

At Property Center Q-rort Canarias, we are at your complete disposal and offer you our expert advice on choosing and getting the best out of your villa. We also invite you to view our Tenerife villas for sale to see for yourself some of the best and most prestigious properties on the island.

Investing in Tenerife Real Estate

It takes much more than sun and sea to create excellent investment opportunities, and the enduring popularity of Tenerife real estate with property investors shows that the island really has what it takes.

Nonetheless, even in such a strong market such as this one, much of your success will depend on sound investment strategy based on expert advice – something that our staffs at Property Center Q-rort Canarias is in an excellent position to provide.

Select the best investment property

Although Tenerife real estate prices keep rising steadily, not all property appreciates at the same rate. If you’re in it for the money, you should carefully consider what kind of property and what locations are expected to show the greatest price gains in the future – a task where intuition alone is not enough. For instance, a ‘lower tier’ property could easily experience a proportionally greater increase in value than a more luxurious one, given the right conditions.

As you deal with Property Center Q-rort Canarias, you will find that, with our advice as specialists in Tenerife real estate market, you will feel confident that you are making the best investment decisions.

Save money by buying off plan

Buying off plan can be an excellent way to boost the returns on your Tenerife real estate investment. The significant price savings you enjoy when you buy property before it has been built generally translate into healthy earnings if you sell once the project is completed (or even just before). In fact, many real estate investors buy off plan, with the intention of turning a tidy profit without ever setting foot inside their property!

Sounds like a great idea? Contact us for more information about our highly promising off plan property investments.

Generate an immediate income by buying to let

If you are investing in Tenerife real estate, you could consider renting out your property either as a long let, or on a holiday rentals basis. At Property Center Q-rort Canarias, we can advise you on choosing your rental property according to the demands of the local letting market. This will help you maximize your rental income and possibly even make your property to pay for itself.

Once you have bought your property, we can even take care of every aspect of letting it out for you – so that you just have to sit back and watch the money rolling in!



Make more money quicker – buy, renovate and resell

Many foreigners who buy Tenerife real estate want to enjoy it immediately and avoid the trouble of having to do up their property. This has created a very lucrative niche for investors who buy, renovate and resell property, obtaining a higher return on investment in a much shorter time. The trick is to find property that has great potential, but that is selling cheap because it needs refurbishing and currently lacks appeal.

Besides helping you source suitable property for such a venture, at Property Center Q-rort Canarias we can also put you in contact with professional builders, plumbers, electricians and everything you need to get your property looking great – and costing much, much more. Contact us for more information. 


Buying Off Plan in Tenerife

Looking for off-plan property in Tenerife?

Take a look at our select off-plan developments. At Property Center Q-rort Canarias, we bring you a choice of excellent opportunities to acquire property at very competitive rates, direct from the developer. If you’re looking to save a considerable sum on the purchase of your property – and who’s not? – then buying off plan in Tenerife is an option that you should seriously be considering.

What is buying off plan?

When developers embark on a new project, they generally seek to sell a certain number of units as quickly as possible, before the project is finished (and in many cases, before it has even started). Off-plan properties are usually sold with several deferred payments in order to encourage sales, so that the developers can reduce their capital outlay and also minimize their risk.

How long will I have to wait for my property?

Buying off plan in Tenerife, just like anywhere else – means that you will have to wait up to two years or maybe more until your property is completed. However, if you’re not in a particular hurry, the cheaper purchase price should more than compensate you for the wait until you can start to enjoy your property or rent it out.

How do I choose my off-plan property?

Like the name suggests, when you are buying off plan in Tenerife, you will have to rely on plans, drawings and other specifications in order to evaluate and choose your property, although many developers will have a pilot unit that you can visit to get a better idea of the look and quality of the finished work. One of the biggest advantages of buying off plan is that you get to choose your property at an early stage, before the best units are sold out. Penthouses, corner apartments, and properties that enjoy better views or have larger gardens are among the ones to sell first.

How are payments structured for off-plan property in Tenerife?

When you are buying off plan in Tenerife, you will usually have to pay for your property by instalments at pre-determined dates, or as specific steps of the project are completed. This means that if you are using a loan to finance your purchase, you can save on interest since you will not have to borrow the full amount from the start, but can increase your loan gradually as payments fall due.

View the variety of off-plan developments brought to you by Property Center Q-rort Canarias, where you can acquire premium property at incredibly low prices.


Tenerife property for sale

Selling your property?

We are always on the lookout for new and interesting opportunities to bring to our clients.

If you’ve got property for sale in Tenerife, please let us know right away. We may already have a buyer waiting for you!

At Property Center Q-rort Canarias, we strive to make your property hunting in Tenerife as easy and pleasant as possible.

Please visit our property pages to see our wide selection of Tenerife property for sale. Or use our Tenerife Property Finder Service and we’ll search the island high and low, to find you the property of your dreams.

Tenerife’s immense popularity with foreigners from all over the world means that property for sale on the island is always in very high demand. For every investor in search of a golden opportunity in Tenerife’s strong and established property market, there are countless other people looking to buy a property just so that they can spend more time on the island they love.

With Tenerife being so famous for its diversity, it’s hardly surprising that you will find property for sale in all shapes and sizes imaginable. From luxurious villas, set in the tranquillity of the countryside, to stunning beachfront apartments, right in the heart of the action, you are simply spoiled for choice.

If you are a beach lover, you will already know that Tenerife is nothing short of paradise, with its breath-taking stretches of sea and sand. On the other hand, if you prefer the peace and quiet of the countryside, the good news is that you will find plenty of property for sale in stunning locations that are nevertheless just minutes away from all the amenities you could need on a daily basis.

Whatever kind of property you are looking for at Property Center Q-rort Canarias we’ll leave no stone unturned to help you find it. No matter your tastes, we will keep on looking through as much property for sale as it takes to find you your ideal Tenerife property. Only when you are completely satisfied, will we be!

Get on the fast track to finding – and owning – your dream Tenerife property. Contact us now.